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Hot Tub Shopping Tips

A hot tub is a wonderful addition to any home. It is a relaxing escape from the stresses and pressures of modern living, and can provide you with hours of therapeutic soaking. Whether you decide to put yours in indoors or outside, there are a number of things to consider when shopping for a new spa.

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Hot Tub Trends for 2006  

by Terri Greene

Every time I read a magazine or website related to hot tubs and home spas, there seems to be another line of accessories available. I am truly fascinated with some of the products that have been brought to market in recent years. I purchased my hot tub only two years ago and at the time, I thought I was getting the best spa I possibly could. Until recently, I thought I had the Cadillac of Hot Tubs! Some of these new products have taught me different.

I am really interested in upgrading the lighting system in my hot tub. The system I currently have is rather simple. The light is a basic underwater spotlight with interchangeable light filters that allow you to change the color of the light being projected. I am thinking about upgrading to one of the new multi-color automated systems. I have also seen some hot tubs with fiber optics embedded in the stairs and railings. Wow!

I am quite keen on getting a stereo system installed in my spa. A friend of mine recently bought a new spa, and it came with an incredible surround sound system that was actually embedded in the shell of the tub. Apparently, one can actually feel the sound as opposed to just hearing it. Her system came with a marine-grade CD player encased in a water-resistant case. I love the idea of having music to accompany me during my nightly soak.

It seems I am not the only one who spends hours each week in the spa. The latest and greatest of the recent trends in hot tub accessories would appear to be the inclusion of large-screen LCD televisions. At a recent in-store demonstration, I was completely impressed with the simplicity and ease-of-use these televisions presented. With the click of a button on the floating, waterproof remote control, the television magically appeared from the edge of the tub. You can easily hook up your satellite or cable TV feed, and watch your favorite programs in the comfort of your hot tub. Simply amazing, I say.

If you are planning to buy a new hot tub or spa anytime soon, be sure to shop around. There are so many new options available for your new spa, and there are as many great deals to be had. Buy from a reputable dealer, and be sure to do a wet test! I would suggest buying the best tub you can afford, and try to get all of the options you will need to make your hot tub experience the best it can be. Happy Splashing!

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